2700 Toilets Make Happy Green Bug & the Mission to Increase Royalties for Crypto Artists Everywhere

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features Happy Green Bug by Bard Ionson

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 6

Crypto art, NFT, and Artificial Intelligence Artist, Bard Ionson, talks about how a group of crypto artists succeeded in increasing royalties, gathering 2700 toilets to make Happy Green Bug, his inspirations from literature and artists like Nam June Paik & more!


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Table of Contents

0:00:00​​ Coming Up!
0:01:35​​ What’s Rare Digital Bird?
0:02:01​ We’ve gone mainstream and the hype is real
0:02:54​​ How…

The Demons Want to Eat Bitcoin, Crypto Art Collaboration Petri Dish & DinizBR’s Rollercoaster Life

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features Eclipse and The Selection of Anubis by DinizBR

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 5

Heidy “DinizBR” Teixeira talks about how crypto art changed his rollercoaster life, how there is no instant crypto art success, the many meanings behind his latest piece, Eclipse & more.

This 3D, VR and AI digital creative takes us on a journey into his life as an 8 yr old clown, magician’s assistant, fashion photographer, survivor of and speaker on drug addiction, a father to a child in transition, and the creative inheritor of his patriarch’s legacy.

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How Digital Artists Succeed With Cryptoart, Acknowledging Black Artists & How To Treat Collectors

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features The Promise and Seasonal by Paola Castillo

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 4

Paola Castillo talks about acknowledging black artists, how Rarible can help with how collectors should be treated & helps me see how artists succeed getting into cryptoart. She is a self-taught minimalist & digital artist with a love for Barbie dolls & vintage fashion.

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Table of Contents

0:00:00 Coming Up!
0:01:48 What’s Rare Digital Bird?
0:02:09 The importance of community
0:02:24 How to successfully get into cryptoart
0:03:12 How to find a mentor…

An Easy Way to Program Your Digital Art, The Problem of Exclusivity & More

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features In Other News & Regalia by Fabin Rasheed

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 3

Fabin Rasheed talks about an easier way to program your digitalart, the problem of exclusivity, #growtogether, debate vs. dialogue, how to think about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, his initial disdain for glitch art, Animation & AI brushes, his interactive-generative-participatory art creations and more. This creative technologist is both an innovator and altruist at heart.

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Table of Contents

0:00:00 Coming Up!
0:02:28 What’s Rare Digital Bird?
0:02:50 Why is blockchain…

Royalties for Art, How Gas Prices & Commissions Effect Crypto artists’ Decisions & More

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features watermelon from hell and Ask your thoughts by Ann Ahoy

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 2

Ann Ahoy talks royalties, how gas prices (a.k.a. transaction fees to use the Ethereum blockchain) & commissions effect her decisions, & how much fun she’s had as a newbie in the cryptoart world. This cartoonist, minimalist & blackwork tattoo artist, shares her insights on embracing who we are, how imperfections are more fun, & how addictive it is to get paid as an artist.

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Taking the Glitchy Path to a Lucrative Crypto Art Career, What Blockchain Art Communities Need & More

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features Die Verwandlung by jrdsctt

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 1

Glitch artist jrdsctt talks making money selling to crypto art collectors, what blockchain communities need, glitch culture, NIN, L337 / leet speak, Franz Kafka, meta roaches, and his fascination with the augmentation of humans.

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Table of Contents

[00:00:00] Coming Up!
[00:00:50] What’s Rare Digital Bird?
[00:01:03] What are blockchains?
[00:01:24] What is Nervos?
[00:02:33] About jrdsctt
[00:03:52] What started your artistic journey?
[00:17:04] What is glitch art?
[00:18:33] What are the processes…

An artist’s independence through 3 lives in 3 pairs of cities, and a plethora of creations

Bloody percent diorama created by Marko Zubak (Photo by Mladen Požeg)

A Love of Independence

Marko Zubak loves his life. He stays far away from interest groups and politics, choosing to rely on himself and his close circle of family and friends. “It’s not easy to be independent, especially as an artist in a country where an art market doesn’t exist and politics control the culture and create eligible artists.”

It’s not easy to be independent, especially as an artist in a country where an art market doesn’t exist and politics control the culture and create eligible artists.

Given his infinite list of accomplishments, it seems he’s chosen the right path. Traditional paintings, sculptures, photography…

How an Artist’s Renaissance Talents Culminated Into Magical Realism

“A message worth repeating” animated infinity-room work by Carlos Marcial Torres & Lucho Poletti for Coldie’s “Citadel 6.15 Art Experience” event in Cryptovoxels.

Creative Depth

Carlos Marcial Torres was exposed to the arts at a very early age. His father was a painter and an art professor. His mother — an art historian, art critic, writer and university professor. He recalls himself as a child, exploring his father’s art studio and excitedly checking out the pretty pictures in his mother’s art history books.

His parents’ friends were also artists who practiced a variety of art disciplines, including literature, music, film, and theatre. …

The unbridled talent of an artist tantalizes us with whimsical art and a touch of humor & eroticism

Self portrait of Reinhard Schmid depicting his love for riding his motorcycle.


Reinhard Schmid’s self-portrait is the ultimate picture worth a thousand words. He has a true love for riding his motorcycle and an interest in machines and engineering from his years as a submarine navigator. This all comes full center in his self-portrait as he dons a helmet, riding a mechanized bee with wings spanning beyond what we can see. It launches that feeling of freedom that only an open-air ride can give. The ride and rider humorously share the same grin of excitement reminding us that what we do and accomplish are extensions of who we are. The flower in…

Because Coronavirus

Dinosaur images by tee2tee & Jerzy Górecki

I miss my friends.

Before the shelter-in-place order was put into effect, I lived the Silicon-Valley startup lifestyle. For a full year, I lived to work and I worked to live. Time spent with my friends was already at an all-time low. But now I yearn even more for connection as this feeling of dystopian doom washes over me. I can’t help but wonder if our health care system and my financial pockets will be able to handle the COVID-19 wrath.

The loneliness that prompted a call from a dear friend of mine in New York encouraged an idea I…

Ann Marie Alanes

Pastry-loving stan of the NFT crypto art and music space, and your self-appointed stylist. I am not funny.

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