Ann Ahoy: Imperfections Are More Fun!

Royalties for Art, How Gas Prices & Commissions Effect Crypto artists’ Decisions & More

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features watermelon from hell and Ask your thoughts by Ann Ahoy

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 2

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Table of Contents

[00:01:38] What’s Rare Digital Bird?

[00:02:00] More about blockchain

[00:02:32] What’s cryptoart?

[00:04:06] About Ann Ahoy

Ann Ahoy’s Nina in the She Art Exhibition at the London Gallery in Cryptovoxels

[00:05:22] Ann Ahoy’s artistic journey

[00:14:14] Minimalist art process

[00:16:23] Blackwork tattooing

[00:21:36] Inspirations

watermelon from hell by Ann Ahoy

[00:26:08] The “watermelon from hell” piece

Ask Your Thoughts by Ann Ahoy

[00:28:24] The “Ask Your Thoughts” piece

[00:32:36] About Ann Ahoy’s name

[00:33:50] What brought you into the cryptoart world?

[00:36:58] Comparing KnownOrigin to Rarible

[00:38:19] Benefits of being on KnownOrigin & Rarible

[00:40:43] Splitting payments & royalties when collaborating on KnownOrigin

[00:41:00] How Rarible rewards & includes its community members

[00:43:03] Ann Ahoy’s & new member struggles in regards to KnownOrigin and Rarible

[00:46:03] What does “verification” mean in the world of cryptoart

[00:47:18] Advice to new artists considering the cryptoart world

[00:49:08] Advice to those building (on) blockchains & MetaMask

[00:50:56] Current shows & upcoming projects

Pastry-loving stan of the NFT crypto art and music space, and your self-appointed stylist. I am not funny.

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