Bard Ionson: An Internet Dweller Inspires a Path to Crypto Art

2700 Toilets Make Happy Green Bug & the Mission to Increase Royalties for Crypto Artists Everywhere

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features Happy Green Bug by Bard Ionson

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 6

***Purchase Bard’s AI works NOW!***

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Table of Contents

Bard Ionson
Exhibit at the Ampersand Hotel London Electrorent Launch Event in 2019. Similar works can be found here.
The programmable, dynamic art piece, Happy Green Bug by Bard Ionson
Bard Ionson’s own Fountain Remix, Fountain 0000031
Happy Green Bug 4k, published under a remix license, can be purchased here. The original video comes from the Fountain remix project Fountain №501.

Pastry-loving stan of the NFT crypto art and music space, and your self-appointed stylist. I am not funny.

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