Fabin Rasheed: When Creativity, Innovation & Altruism Collide

An Easy Way to Program Your Digital Art, The Problem of Exclusivity & More

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features In Other News & Regalia by Fabin Rasheed

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 3

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Table of Contents

[00:02:25] What’s Rare Digital Bird?

[00:02:53] Why is blockchain important?

Fabin Rasheed

[00:04:35] About Fabin Rasheed

Fabin Rasheed presents Brush Bounty at Adobe MAX 2018

[00:06:27] Fabin’s artistic journey

[00:11:17] Fabin’s work with Auria Kathi: The Artist in the Clouds, Adobe & Hidden Gems

[00:32:06] About Async.art

In Other News by Fabin Rasheed

[00:34:39] “In Other News” — a photographic artwork controlled by the owners of each art layer

Regalia by Fabin Rasheed

[00:39:30] “Regalia” — a generative, interactive and participatory artwork whose tools and style are changed by the owners of the controls for the audience to create with

[00:46:14] How Fabin entered the cryptoart world

[00:51:10] How our artworks end up being a collaboration, and the importance of growing together and supporting each other

[00:55:55] Personal joys & benefits of the cryptoart world

[01:04:09] Struggles & room for improvement as far as groups building cryptoart platforms and blockchains

[01:06:57] Advice for artists wanting to enter the world of cryptoart

1:09:21 Advice for blockchain software devs

[01:14:40] Current & upcoming projects

[1:21:24] How to contact Fabin

Pastry-loving stan of the NFT crypto art and music space, and your self-appointed stylist. I am not funny.

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