HMLTD: Creating the World’s First Customizable NFT Pop Song

The avant-garde London band shares their love for experimentation, their fans and each other in this interview for their premiere of “Leaving”.

Click the image for the full interview! HMLTD, left to right: Duc Peterman (guitarist, producer), Achilleas Sarantaris (drummer), Henry Spychalski (vocals), Nico Mohnblatt (bassist), James Donovan (guitarist). Cover includes art for “Leaving” by Mike Raymond.

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 7

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Table of Contents

0:00:00​​ Coming Up!
0:03:11​​ What’s Rare Digital Bird?
0:03:40​​ What’s happening in the blockchain music world?
0:06:34​ What is Async.Art & programmable music?
0:07:16​ Who is London band, HMLTD?
0:09:11​​ Interview begins
0:10:27​ Frontman & vocals for HMLTD, Henry Spychalski, introduces the band & at least one positive quality each one has
0:12:24​ Guitarist & producer for HMLTD, Duc Peterman, and drummer Achilleas Sarantaris say positive things about Henry
0:13:58​ Henry, Achilleas & Duc share endearing & personal stories about how they got into music
0:19:13​​ Was there a lot of pushing & pulling in the making of “Leaving”?
0:22:43​​ Having observed the inner growth and maturation of HMLTD from the break-up with Sony and cancel culture, and now not being able to do any of your live immersive shows to support the debut album, West of Eden — I’m curious to know how you all dealt with the pandemic?
0:28:53​​ How does it feel to be the first band to create a programmable song (a layered NFT)?
0:36:45​ The story, process, meaning, challenges and discoveries behind the song “Leaving”, and its social implications
0:49:20​ The album cover artwork, created by Mike Raymond, is programmable and changes with the music as well
0:52:37​ Would you create another programmable musical work? How would you go about it?
0:58:02​ The story behind HMLTD connecting with Async & a laymen’s explanation of crypto terms.
01:02:28​​ Thoughts regarding the hype in the crypto creative space over NFTs & more laymen’s terms
01:06:45​ How HMLTD helps fans continue a sense of belonging while HMLTD explores the possibilities of the blockchain world.
01:11:45​ Advice to musicians thinking about entering the world of crypto music 01:16:​08 The practical way to push the technology and creativity forward
01:20:08​ HMLTD would love to see more blockchain devs and music platforms initiating contact with musicians who are not yet involved in the blockchain space.
01:22:02​ HMLTD’s upcoming projects and shows, including a very ambitiously immersive London show in the fall, their 2nd album
01:23:32​ We talk about LARPing, and Achilleas’ attempts a LARPing joke.
01:24:32​​ Henry decides NOT to share when the next album is going to come out but Henry & Duc share the percentage of completion
01:25:45​ Achilleas, the human calculator, kind of
01:26:18​ Henry shares a story about Achilleas’ tendency towards exaggeration and hyperbole.
01:28:07​ Bolfest & top places that HMLTD is popular
01:29:11​ HMLTD’s fight with Suicide Silence
01:30:55​ Henry’s special message to HMLTD’s fans
01:31:12​ Achilleas’ thoughts on the ecological impact of NFTs, and Duc’s conclusion on who is the worst.
01:34:33​ Where can people find HMLTD?

Programmable Music is coming to Async!
HMLTD, left to right: Achilleas Sarantaris (drummer), Nico Mohnblatt (bassist), Henry Spychalski (vocals), Duc Peterman (guitarist, producer), James Donovan (guitarist)
One of many “album” arts for “Leaving” by Mike Raymond. The art changes depending on the music stems chosen by the stem owners.



Pastry-loving stan of the NFT crypto art and music space, and your self-appointed stylist. I am not funny.

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Ann Marie Alanes

Pastry-loving stan of the NFT crypto art and music space, and your self-appointed stylist. I am not funny.