jrdsctt: Finding Beauty in What’s Broken

Taking the Glitchy Path to a Lucrative Crypto Art Career, What Blockchain Art Communities Need & More

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features Die Verwandlung by jrdsctt

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 1

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Table of Contents

[00:00:50] What’s Rare Digital Bird?

[00:01:03] What are blockchains?

[00:01:24] What is Nervos?

Self Portrait — Day 1 of Jlitch365 by jrdsctt

[00:02:33] About jrdsctt

jrdsctt currently exhibiting in the MakersPlace Doom District Art Gallery in Cryptovoxels

[00:03:52] What started your artistic journey?

[00:17:04] What is glitch art?

[00:18:33] What are the processes for creating glitch art?

[00:27:02] Does a glitch culture exist?

[00:29:51] The 5huffle music podcast & the ICP-cidents.

[00:35:29] What is leet-speak?

Die Verwandlung by jrdsctt

[00:39:21] The Franz Kafka piece & the Easter egg.

[00:45:09] The Augmented Humanity Pieces & NIN

@|_|6/\/\3/\/73|) |-||_|/\/\@/\/17'/ 0/\/3 by jrdsctt
SOLD OUT! @|_|6/\/\3/\/73|) |-||_|/\/\@/\/17'/ |=0|_|12 by jrdsctt

[00:52:26] What persuaded you to make the jump into blockchain?

[00:58:05] What were your personal struggles with blockchain?

[01:04:48] What are crypto artists struggling with?

“I can personally say that in the year-and-a-half I’ve been doing crypto art, it’s been like, the most lucrative market that I’ve been selling in. I’ve had more success selling art as a crypto artist than as a fine artist selling prints on a digital store. I mean, I guess, I don’t want to speculate too much, but I just think there’s a great market for it and there’s a lot of people with cryptocurrency that want to buy stuff.” ~jrdsctt [01:07:50]

[01:07:17] What are the joys & benefits that you & the crypto art community have experienced?

“ … there’s such a great community around crypto art. There are so many people that are willing to help that you just have to not be afraid to ask questions.” [01:12:47]

[01:12:44] What’s your advice to new artists thinking about exploring blockchain / the crypto art world?

“… if you’re a new company … establish a strong sense of communication between the users and the developers … especially if you’re a startup, your users are going to help shape what your company becomes. And it might not seem as important but it feels important being on the other side.” ~ jrdsctt [1:18:51]

[01:15:35] What can blockchain developers do to create a better blockchain experience?

“I made a decision a very long time ago to brand myself, and it’s kind of paid off. If you just Google “jrdsctt”, everything about me will pop up.” ~ jrdsctt [1:21:05]

[01:19:32] The “bridges” are important.

Pastry-loving stan of the NFT crypto art and music space, and your self-appointed stylist. I am not funny.

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