Paola Castillo: Styling Fashion Into CryptoArt

How Digital Artists Succeed With Cryptoart, Acknowledging Black Artists & How To Treat Collectors

Click the image for the full interview! Cover features The Promise and Seasonal by Paola Castillo

Rare Digital Bird, Episode 4

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Table of Contents

[00:01:44] What’s Rare Digital Bird?

[00:02:09] The importance of community

[00:02:24] How to successfully get into cryptoart

[00:03:12] How to find a mentor

[00:04:22] Other places to find cryptoartists & cryptoart enthusiasts

[00:04:37] People of note to follow (to start off with)

[00:05:21] How cryptoart collectors think

Paola Castillo

[00:05:51] Who is Paola Castillo?

Select shoes from Paola Castillo’s virtual show collection

[00:06:46] How she got started with art

[00:13:27] Her inspirations & love of fashion & vintage

The Promise by Paola Castillo

[00:20:35] “The Promise” — A minimalist piece inspired by gospel music, the peace & calm of nature, and God

Seasonal by Paola Castillo

[00:24:36] “Seasonal” — This work reflects Paola’s love for fashion & her belief about change. Set in the fall with crypto details small enough that it becomes a delight in its discovery.

[00:28:21] How her retail job got her into cryptoart

[00:29:18] Personal struggles with Known Origin, Rarible & her own work; her determination to learn the platforms and digital art tools

[00:33:42] Paola compares cryptoart platforms to the greed seen in the traditional art world

[00:34:53] Struggles with understanding Cryptoart Twitter, etc.

[00:36:29] What Paola noticed about black artists

[00:38:27] Her advice to artists

[00:40:17] What Rarible isn’t doing (yet?)

0:41:40 Paola talks collaborations

[00:43:45] How to contact Paola & the meaning of “les dore”

Pastry-loving stan of the NFT crypto art and music space, and your self-appointed stylist. I am not funny.

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