Top 11 Things to Do With Your Physically Distant Friends Online (Check for Updates)

Dinosaur images by tee2tee & Jerzy Górecki

1. Our Virtual Wellness Studio

Updated weekly

2. Watch Parties

Take your friends on a trip into Salvador Dali’s paintings

3. Google Arts & Culture

Explore the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, MO from your couch

4. Cryptovoxels

Featured here: MakersPlace Gallery in the Gangnam Neon Zone. Little known fact — MakersPlace also has a 2nd gallery in Doom District.

5. DJ Dance Parties

6. Improv Comedy

7. Virtual Open Mic

8. Zoomaroke

9. Virtual Concerts

10. Social Games

11. I Will Survive Virtual Happy Hour

Meme edited from
Original painting by John Gurche of Sue for the Field Museum in Chicago.

Until We Hug Again

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